Training Future Neurosurgeons


Training future Neurologists and Neurosurgeons has been, and continues to be, a top priority for Semmes Murphey. Our partnership with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) dates back to 1932 when Dr. Semmes became the first Professor of Neurosurgery at the University.

Dr. Frederick Boop, of Semmes Murphey, currently serves as the Chairman of the University of Tennessee Department of Neurosurgery. Our physicians and surgeons also serve as the faculty for the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. The residency training program at UTHSC is a highly competitive, seven-year program with two residents per year. Semmes Murphey is proud to present the Department of Neurosurgery Residents.


Medical Students


Visiting rotations are available for med students and prospective resident applicants. We have unlimited slots available from August to January.

If you are interested in a neurosurgical rotation at our institution, contact the advisor of your home institution for assistance applying via the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) Program (formerly VSAS).

For further questions about visiting student rotations in Memphis, contact Wendy Elliott at or (901) 448-6375. 


  • Will Gordon, PGY7

  • Nickalus Khan, PGY7

  • Jaafar Basma, PGY6

  • Douglas Taylor, PGY6

  • Kenneth Moore, PGY5

  • Vincent Nguyen, PGY5

  • Will Mangham, PGY4

  • Garrett Venable, PGY4

  • Jonathan Dvorak, PGY3

  • Mallory Dacus, PGY3

  • Jock Lillard, PGY2

  • Kara Parikh, PGY2

  • Deke Blum, PGY1

  • Mustafa Motiwala, PGY1

  • Barrett Schwartz, PGY1

Teaching faculty at UTHSC

  • Chairman - Dr. Frederick Boop
  • Program Director - Dr. Madison Michael
  • Dr. Kenan Arnautovic
  • Dr. Adam Arthur
  • Dr. Brandon Baughman
  • Dr. Raul Cardenas
  • Dr. Michael DeCuypere
  • Dr. Lucas Elijovich
  • Dr. Stephanie Einhaus
  • Dr. Kevin Foley
  • Dr. Daniel Hoit
  • Dr. Violiza Inoa
  • Dr. Paul Klimo
  • Dr. Michael LaBagnara
  • Dr. Michael Muhlbauer
  • Dr. Chris Nickele
  • Dr. Autry Parker
  • Dr. Jon Robertson
  • Dr. Jeffrey Sorenson
  • Dr. Jason Weaver