Virtual Clinic

Semmes Murphey is now offering virtual clinic appointments to all previously scheduled patient appointments and new patient appointments.

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The virtual clinic allows our physicians to evaluate and treat patients remotely. Our nurses and physicians connect with you through a reliable and secure video conference on your phone, tablet, or computer. You will be able to see your doctor and your doctor will see you. Your physician can also display charts, scans, and any other visuals to aid in your evaluation.

What to Expect

We will call you to pre-register you for your appointment and collect information such as insurance coverage, demographic information, and obtain the appropriate consents. You will also receive a call from your doctor's nurse. At this time, they will offer you the choice of a virtual clinic appointment and instruct you on the correct software to install on your device. Your nurse is even able to do a practice run of the appointment with you. This way, you'll be ready to go on the day of your visit.

On the day of the appointment, connect with us by following the instructions given to you by your nurse. Your physician will be available via video to carry out your care. Your physician can share charts, imaging, and other visual aids on their screen. Your nurse will then confirm the next steps in your treatment and help you sign off.

Instructions on how to download etc.

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