Semmes Murphey has helped countless people over the years get their normal lives back. We are proud to be able to share some of their stories.

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Barbara's Story

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I had my DBS surgery with Dr. Bond earlier this month. The electrodes were placed on Dec 7th, the generator was installed the following week and it was programmed on the Monday before Christmas. U have to say that the results have been absolutely amazing. For the first time in months (years?), I am able to eat with a fork without having to hold it in my fist. I can even eat soup! I have had to make one small adjustment to clear up my speech but that was easy. Thank you so much to Dr. Bond and Max. I feel like I have my life back.

Ray Noland

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David's Story

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Joyce's Story

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Semmes Murphey Patient Landon and His Puppy

Landon's Story

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The BEST physician ever is Dr. Samuel C. Polk III. He is my physician, and he listens to his patients. He is caring, professional, super-intelligent, proactive, and has an outstanding bedside disposition. I have referred over 100+ patients to see this phenomenal physician.

Vickie H.

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Gina's Story

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Anthony's Story

Semmes Murphey patient Anthony Reddick struggled with debilitating back pain before finding relief with a spinal cord stimulator procedure done by Dr. Jay McDonald.

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Video Thumbnail 0008 Susans Story

Susan's Story

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Robert's Story

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Lucy's Story

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Semmes Murphey Clinic runs like a well-oiled machine! Even during the COVID crisis, they haven't skipped a beat. Over these two years, our trust in Dr. LaBagnara hasn't wavered, and we enjoy our trips back to Semmes Murphey. If only every clinic of that size...and it is BIG...could be so well run. They are excellent!

Jerri M.

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Lisa's Story

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Tara's Story

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The physical therapy team at Semmes Murphey is one of a kind. From the first day of PT to the last, my physical therapist went above and beyond to assure that I would recover in the set amount of time my doctor put in place. Thank you so much for giving me the tools needed to feel 100%.

Tena K.

If you are a former patient who has had a life changing experience at Semmes Murphey, we would love to hear from you!

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