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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy plays an important role during the healing and rehabilitation phase of any injury. Early intervention and education of one’s pain can speed up the return to an active lifestyle.

With the help of our physicians on-site, our physical therapists can confidently guide patients back to optimal health using modern pain and rehabilitation concepts. The focus of our physical therapy practice is on spine-related issues. Since that is our specialty, patients can have confidence that our therapists can help them progress through the correct rehabilitative and restorative programs.

Our Approach focuses on blending the traditional biomechanical model with evidence-based modern pain science.

You do not need a referral to see one of our physical therapists. Call the number below to make an appointment.


Areas of Focus

Our staff provides integrated, therapeutic treatment to help you overcome your pain. After reviewing your medical history and completing a comprehensive medical evaluation, your therapist will prescribe a treatment plan. The plan may include pain control measures, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and a home exercise program that's updated at each follow-up visit.

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evidence-based modern pain science

Providing the highest care and improving quality of life.

We deliver individualized care based on a traditional, biomechanical model. The Semmes Murphey physical therapy team works with your physician to create an individualized and comprehensive care plan based on your health goals.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of an improved active lifestyle.

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