Dec 7, 2023

Collierville's New "Go-To Resource" for Neck & Back Conditions

We're thrilled to announce an exciting development – our expansion to Collierville is now a reality! In collaboration with Lendermon Sports Medicine, we proudly offer top-tier brain and spine care right in your community. Board-certified neurosurgeons Dr. Daniel Hoit and Dr. Jason Weaver from Semmes Murphey are now available to see patients at 9950 Crooked Creek Road, located inside the Lendermon Sports Medicine facility.

As highly skilled neurosurgeons, both Dr. Hoit and Dr. Weaver excel in diagnosing and treating a broad spectrum of conditions affecting the nervous system, encompassing both the brain and the spine. Their combined expertise ensures comprehensive care for patients in Collierville.

Jason Weaver 3

Dr. Weaver brings additional specialization with fellowship training in complex spine and neuro-oncology, making him a go-to expert for neck and back concerns within the Collierville community.

Dr. Hoit is fellowship-trained in endovascular neurosurgery, focusing on intricate blood vessel conditions in the brain, including aneurysms, malformations, and cerebrovascular occlusive disease. Utilizing modern, minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Hoit and his team bring cutting-edge care to the residents of Collierville.

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Collierville, your neurosurgical care is not just more accessible; it's now in the hands of an experienced team committed to achieving positive outcomes. If you're interested in scheduling an appointment in Collierville, please request one through the link below. When the form prompts you to choose a preferred location, be sure to select "SMC Collierville OFC."

Our team is devoted to providing you with the most convenient and expert care available. We're honored to be your trusted partners in health.

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