Elijovich Telehealth


Mar 27, 2020

Virtual Clinic: Your Top 10 Questions, Answered

We are excited to announce that we now offer virtual exams for all patients. What is a virtual clinic? Click to read more.

The Coronavirus currently poses a threat to our community, and we are working every day to fight the risk of infectious spread. So, we are very proud to offer telehealth services that provide our patients with quality care from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Here are the answers to the 10 big questions about the Virtual Clinic and the general field of Telemedicine and Telehealth.

What is it?

Our virtual clinic allows our physicians to evaluate and treat our patients remotely. Our nurses and physicians connect with you through a reliable and secure video conference on your phone, tablet, or computer. You will be able to see your doctor and your doctor will see you. Your physician can also display charts, scans, and any other visuals to aid in your evaluation. While in your own home, you can still receive the same level of care that you would receive on-site at Semmes Murphey Clinic.

Is there a difference between Telehealth, Telemedicine, and virtual clinics?

For the general public, no. However, it is good to be familiar with these terms. Knowing that they are all talking about similar or the same concept will help aid any further research you do.

What kind of technology do I need to participate?

A phone, tablet, or computer with an integrated camera and an internet connection are the primary tools you'll need to fully connect with us. Most modern smartphones are more than capable to do the job.

What if I don't have a smartphone, tablet, or internet?

At the minimum, you'll just need a phone. Any phone will work. The review of your medical history is an important part of any medical evaluation. So, your doctor can provide great care with a detailed phone call.

What if I am not tech-savvy?

If you have figured out how to use FaceTime or Skype, you should have no trouble connecting with us for a virtual visit. If any issues do arise during your appointment, your doctor and nurse are available to assist you.

How do I get started?

You'll receive a couple of calls from our staff. We will call you to pre-register you for your appointment and collect information such as insurance coverage, demographic information, and obtain the appropriate consents. You will also receive a call from your doctor's nurse. At this time, they will offer you the choice of a virtual clinic appointment and instruct you on the correct software to install on your device. Your nurse is even able to do a practice run of the appointment with you. This way, you'll be ready to go on the day of your visit.

What will the appointment be like?

On the day of the appointment, connect with us by following the instructions given to you by your nurse. Your physician will be available via video to carry out your care. Your physician can share charts, imaging, and other visual aids on their screen. Your nurse will then confirm the next steps in your treatment and help you sign off.

How do I prepare?

Treat the appointment as you would an in-clinic visit. Talk about your symptoms, address what is important to you, or bring a family member for support. Feel free to ask your physician as many questions as you need.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my appointment?

Every plan is different, but most offer some degree of coverage for telemedicine services. Medicare and other health insurance companies have expanded covered benefits to include the use of telemedicine services amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It is becoming more apparent why virtual health care is essential in the modern world. Our advice is to contact your insurance carrier to confirm the amount of coverage available to you.

Can I really receive proper care?

Dr. Lucas Elijovich is a leader in his field and one of the first physicians to see patients through our virtual clinic. Take his word for it...

" Some of the things we do currently we only do in the office because there wasn't an easy way to do them before. But these new telehealth solutions allow us to see you, examine you, and review imaging just like we could do in the office. So I think after the pandemic is done, we all will want to continue to use Telehealth, and I look forward to it.”

The safety of our staff and community is paramount to Semmes Murphey Clinic. We are aware that many who need our care are in isolation or practicing social distancing. Also, some must travel long distances to receive care. We hope that our efforts ensure that no one in these situations has to go without excellent care in these precarious times. We also look forward to the future. An unfortunate circumstance has initiated this new avenue of healthcare. Still, we are so excited about the possibilities it creates for our community in the coming years.