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Feb 15, 2019

Dr. Arnautovic Published Book on Spinal Tumors

Semmes Murphey's Dr. Kenan Arnautovic has literally written the book on spinal tumors and their surgical treatment. Along with co-editor Dr. Ziya Gokaslan of Brown University, Dr. Arnautovic compiled the best information from neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, and pediatric neurosurgeons from around the country and the globe to provide an in-depth, contemporary review of all aspects of treatment for spinal cord tumors.

A growing area of research and interest, spinal tumors are relatively rare (less than 15% of all CNS tumors) but have devastating impacts on patients and their quality of life. Difficult to treat because of size, blood supply, and proximity to delicate nerves, Arnautovic discovered that these types of tumors did not have significant existing literature concerning their treatment. Highly experienced in this area, he has created a resource with comprehensive, in-depth information, figures, and even video clips for neurosurgeons at the resident and graduate levels.

To read more about this publication or to purchase the book, visit Springer's website, here.

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