Adam Arthur Aneurysm Treatment and Consultation at Semmes Murphey


Feb 5, 2019

Dr. Adam Arthur the First to Perform Surgery with Alternative Aneurysm Device

Dr. Adam Arthur first met Cornelius Brown three years ago when he performed major surgery to prevent an aneurysm in her brain from rupturing. On January 28th, Dr. Arthur was able to perform surgery again but this time with a new FDA-approved alternative aneurysm device called the WEB, or Woven EndoBridge. It was the first operation in the country to be performed using the new device.

The WEB was developed by Tom Wilder, president and CEO of Sequent Medical Inc., and Dr. Bill Patterson, who asked Dr. Arthur to be the principal investigator on the clinical trials which was a more than 5-year effort to develop the device. The device was finally approved by the FDA September 2018.

Cornelius Brown decided to move forward with the WEB for her second surgery when Dr. Arthur described the small woven basket and it's minimally invasive approach to prevent her aneurysm from rupturing. Dr. Arthur would insert the WEB using a catheter through her groin rather than removing a portion of her skull, allowing for Brown to heal much faster and more comfortably.

To learn more about this ground-breaking device and Cornelius Brown, read the full article in The Daily Memphian.

Photo courtesy of Jim Weber, Daily Memphian