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Oct 7, 2021

Covid-19 & Brain Function: Dr. Montry Featured on NBC Local News

Dr. Katie Montry weighs in on new scientific studies regarding Covid-19 and brain function

Recently, Neuropsychologist Dr. Katie Montry weighed in on the conversation surrounding COVID-19 and its effects on brain function. The virus is new; however, the medical community has been studying the virus' effects on our brain since the beginning.

A study done by Oxford University found that one in three patients who have had the virus may be diagnosed with psychiatric or neurological disorders. As a neuropsychologist, Dr. Montry has seen this first hand.

"Deciding whether the problems with their memory and the attention they're reporting is actually related the illness itself, whether that's a lack of oxygen to the brain, maybe they were intubated, or if it's more of direct mechanism of the virus infiltrating the brain," Montry said.

She and fellow Semmes Murphey Neurprychologist Dr. Brandon Baughman will be speaking to their peers about the subject and what is known during next month's Tennessee Psychological Association Annual Meeting.

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