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Jun 18, 2020

Celebrating 36 Years of Service to the Community

Dr. Keith Atkins retires after 37 years of service to the field of Neuropsychology.

Semmes Murphey Clinic’s Keith Atkins is entering retirement after 36 years in the field of Neuropsychology. We want to extend our gratitude and respect for Dr. Atkin’s years of extraordinary leadership, the pursuit of excellent care for his patients, and dedication to the growth of Semmes Murphey Clinic. Dr. Atkins leaves behind a strong legacy as the founder of Semmes Murphey Clinic’s Neuropsychology Department in 1989 and has fostered its growth through the years.

Dr. Atkins has not only dedicated his time to providing care for patients but also has dedicated much of his time to training and mentoring scores of young physicians. During his time at the Clinic, Dr. Atkins has spread his wisdom and knowledge by guiding young physicians from many institutions such as the University of Memphis, The University of Tennessee, and the Memphis Veterans Administration Hospital.

“Dr. Atkins has paved the way for others to follow his example by making a meaningful impact on our community and the field of Neuropsychology. His absence will be deeply felt, but the influence of his work will continue to help us grow into the future,” said John Lewis, Semmes Murphey CEO.

We are profoundly grateful to have had Dr. Atkins as a part of our team, and we wish him a happy retirement!