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Oct 13, 2021

Alo Merida Honors Dr. Cardenas

Alo Merida (a social and lifestyle magazine in Merida, Mexico) is honoring Semmes Murphey Clinic Specialist, Dr. Raul Cardenas.

As a member of the Yucatan community (located on a large peninsula in southeastern Mexico) Dr. Cardenas is being highlighted for his achievements and dedication in neurosurgery. Read the full story in Spanish. We have translated the story below.

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Meet Dr. Raúl Cárdenas! A neurosurgeon from Semmes Murphey Clinic, and former student who graduated from the Rogers School in Mérida. Dr. Cárdenas is one of the Yucatecans who are succeeding abroad thanks to his work and dedication. We had the pleasure of interviewing him and he spoke to us on his successful track record.

The beginning of his professional career in the United States of America was very difficult because he did not know many people. As he was studying, he met new people and the process became easier. He realized that the only thing that facilitates career advancement is academic achievement.

He currently serves on a variety of committees at the institutional, university and hospital levels. Dr. Cárdenas is in charge of seeing the improvement of his “performance” as a doctor, individually and as a collective hospital system. Likewise, he is part of the brigade of neurosurgeons that takes care of all patients who suffer severe Neuro-trauma and who are transferred to the “Elvis Presley Trauma Center”, a clinic that performs complex spinal reconstruction operations such as surgeries for patients who suffer head trauma. Additionally, he performs between 350 to 400 minimally invasive, robotic spinal surgeries per year and works to correct degenerative deformity.

Similarly, Dr. Cárdenas has contributed to publications of scientific manuscripts and scientific presentations at the national and international level. Additionally, he teaches future neurosurgeons - an activity he says fills him with pride because he can offer his knowledge to future generations. He learned from his father and grandfather, since they were both neurosurgeons.

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