Sep 8, 2019

The Evolutionary Development of the Brain As It Pertains to Neurosurgery

A medical publication by Dr. Kenan Arnautovic, Dr. Frederick Boop, and Dr. Jeff Sorenson


Anatomists have long marveled at the intricate three-dimensional anatomy of the brain. Cerebral structures are woven together through elaborate spatial configurations, segregating along predictable fissures, sulci, and arachnoidal and ventricular spaces. From the early works of Alcmaeon, Herophilus, Galen, Vesalius, and others, to the currently employed state-of-theart visual three-dimensional and digital technology, descriptive neuroanatomy has evolved in an attempt to further understand the brain’s perplexing architecture [1]. Still, unraveling the causal elements driving cerebral design can open the door to a deeper and more logical appreciation of the anatomy. While such an analytical....