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Dec 7, 2020

Innovative Spine Care: SMC surgeon first in Tennessee to successfully implant new device for herniated discs.

Semmes Murphey’s Dr. LaVern Lovell sets the record as 1st surgeon in TN to successfully implant new BARRICAID device to treat and prevent disc herniations.

Semmes Murphey physicians continue to lead the way in innovative spine care. This week Semmes Murphey surgeon, Dr. LaVerne Lovell, successfully implanted the newly developed BARRICAID device. This was the first successful case of implantation in the state of Tennessee. The device works to improve the outcomes of discectomy procedures and prevent the chance of a disc reherniation again later in life.

Patients with a herniated disc or what may be known as a "slipped disc" or "ruptured disc" may suffer from severe pain and require a surgical solution called a discectomy. Surgery, in any case, can be intimidating. However, our physicians continue to adopt new methods and technology to make surgical procedures as safe, successful, and sustainable as possible.

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Dr. Lovell says, “Innovating and expanding our capabilities in ways like this are not motivated by money or notoriety. I want my patients to be happy for years to come. I don’t want them to have to return to me years down the line because their problem has returned. Multiple surgeries put on a significant strain on a patients’ body, mind, and finances. I’d like to do whatever I can to prevent that.”

This is just one of the many ways our physicians continue to expand their capabilities and offer the best spine care to our patients.

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