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Oct 5, 2022

Skull Base research gains attention

Dr. Arnautovic is living up to the Semmes Murphey mission of advancing the field of neuroscience. His recent research on skull base surgical techniques has been gaining attention. Recently, he was asked to present his findings at Mayo Clinic during a Grand Rounds session. The session took place on Friday, September 30th. It was attended by many fellow neurosurgeons, including Dr. Ossama Al-Mefty, Director of the Skull Base Surgery Program at Harvard Medical School in Boston and a mentor of Dr. Arnautovic. Dr. Almefty praised the findings featured in Dr. Arnautovic's presentation. He encouraged young neurosurgeons and residents to follow suit in the pursuit of improvements in every facet of their field, great and small. "In our world, there is no little thing. In this, I agree with you. This is an inspiration for all medical residents and young people."

When neurosurgeons share information and education on the discipline, patients around the globe are the benefactors. Mayo Clinic and SMC are like-minded in our commitment to advancing the field of neuroscience through innovation in technology, technique, and improved modalities.

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