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Dec 11, 2020

Semmes Murphey physician earns Best Spine Technology Award

Dr. Kevin Foley, in partnership with Fusion Robotics, makes a splash at Orthopedics This Week's 2020 Spine Technology Awards

Congratulations to Semmes Murphey Clinic's Chairman, Dr. Kevin Foley, for his role in developing new technology recognized in the Orthopedics This Week 2020 Spine Technology Awards.

Dr. Foley and a team of physicians partnered with Fusion Robotics to create a system that makes robotics a standard in spine surgery, not an exception. The system was awarded Best Spine Technology 2020.

There are often economical and efficiency barriers that limit the adoption of spinal robotics among surgeons. Dr. Foley, who also serves as Chief Medical Officer of Fusion Robotics, says, "Spine surgeons are looking for ways to increase their surgical efficiency, reduce radiation exposure, standardize their practices, and extend their careers. Surgical robotics have the potential to help them achieve each of these objectives and more. However, inefficiency, impracticality, and cost continue to be substantial barriers to adoption. We believe that our system substantially lowers these barriers and will allow many more physicians to explore how robotics can be deployed to enhance their practices."

In addition to a full-time surgery practice, Dr. Foley is actively involved in research in minimally invasive spine surgery, disc regeneration, image-guided spinal surgery, robotics, spinal biomechanics, and neurosurgical outcomes. He is the inventor of many medical devices and biologic products and has been issued more than 150 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Learn more about the technology that won the award in the video below.