Dr Michael Care


Jun 12, 2019

Our Role as a Physician Team is to Collaborate with the Patient to Come up with the Best Individualized Management Plan

At Semmes Murphey, we are always looking for ways to personalize treatment to what best suits the particular patient.

We have been proud to partner with Katie Stamps and are inspired by her ongoing resilience and positive attitude for the past 11 years. After her initial diagnosis in 2007 at the age of 25, she has continued to grow and thrive in her life and with her family, working and not letting diagnosis slow her down. But the reoccurrence of lesions in her brain every few years was getting in the way of that beautiful life.

Collaborating with her and a Memphis-based team of experts, we were able to facilitate an innovative FDA-approved treatment that specifically helps slow down or stop cancer cells from dividing, helping prevent regrowth. Called Optune, this wearable portable device delivers continuous low-intensity electric fields, known as Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) which help target the cancerous cells without harming the healthy cells nearby.

As Dr. Michael states in the article, "Our role as a physician team is to collaborate with the patient to come up with the best individualized management plan for them. Katie has been the perfect partner in this process. She asks the tough questions, she listens to our multidisciplinary input, and we all agree on a path to move forward."

Partnering with West Cancer Center, Semmes Murphey has been providing ongoing support to Katie in her health journey.

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