The Smiths flight 1


Feb 18, 2022

6000 miles later her lower back pain is gone. International patient receives life changing laminectomy.

Jane and John Smith* were living in the Middle East when Jane’s problems started. She has always been athletic and could manage her periodic aches and pains independently, until December 2021...

The pain was constant in her low back and required a consultation with a spine specialist. An MRI was obtained which showed herniation and spinal impingement at L5-S1.

She tried conservative treatments with no relief. The pain continued to worsen and interfere with daily activities, “The week that I had the MRI, my left leg went numb. Then the next week there started to be excruciating pain not only in my low back but going down the left leg where everything was numb…I couldn't sit down for more than 5 minutes. Even standing up after 20 minutes, I was in pain.”

With no relief from conservative treatments, the Smith’s decided to reach out to friends and family here in the USA for recommendations. They diligently researched for a second opinion and by way of local connections in Jonesboro, they were directed to Dr. Jason Weaver. They sent over Jane’s MRI images and within a week, they were on a flight to Memphis.

Dr Weaver Neurosurgery cropped

Dr. Weaver offered a less aggressive approach, a microdiscectomy which is a minimally invasive spinal surgery that utilizes advanced imaging and special tools. This approach allowed for a quick, outpatient procedure in the Semmes Murphey Ambulatory Surgery Center. The results from that procedure went above and beyond their expectations as she is able to actually sit up in a chair and has been cleared to return to the Middle East just 2 weeks post-op. John was excited to note, “Whatever the stereotype for medical care, going to the clinic, this is the exception, it’s not the rule”. With 3 young children, getting their normal back in a timely manner was imperative. “I’m 2 weeks out and basically back to life as usual.”

*At the request of the patient, names have been changed for privacy.