NASBS Honor Roll Image


Jul 27, 2020

Improving Skull Base Surgery Outcomes: NASBS Honor Roll

We are committed to putting effort behind many methods of research and collaboration in order to improve patient outcomes. As a result, one of our teams has been chosen to join the North American Skull Base Society's honor roll. The teams chosen for the honor roll have reached an exceptional level of multidisciplinary care. Only 20 teams have been chosen in the U.S. We are proud to be on the list and continue efforts in this critical area of neurosurgery.

A Team Approach

In the past, surgery and removal of tumors in the skull base area were particularly hazardous. The NASBS was founded in 1989 by an assembly of various specialists, including Semmes Murphey Physician Dr. Jon Robertson. This multidisciplinary team developed techniques to improve the outcomes for skull base surgery patients exponentially. Today the society exists to serve patients through the advancement of skull base surgery.

Semmes Murphey's Dr. Madison Michael, who specializes in skull base neurosurgery, is one of the team's physicians. The team consists of many members who all play a vital role in working together for these complex surgeries.

Semmes Murphey Legacy

Part of Dr. Michael's satisfaction with this honor comes from Semmes Murphey's legacy in the field.

"In honesty, the real satisfaction comes from being able to carry Semmes Murphey into the second generation of Skull Base. Jon Robertson was instrumental in the beginning, and it's cool to see it move to the next generation. We are also training physicians for the future. In two years they will be here for us to pass the baton on. There are a lot of legacies involved in this honor, which I am proud of." - Dr. Madison Michael

We are proud of Dr. Michael's commitment to his work, which led him to this tremendous achievement. We have made it our top priority to improve outcomes that help our patients live better lives after surgery and will continue to do so in the future.