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Dec 16, 2020

Reeling in the aches: Enjoy fishing without nagging back pain

If a big day of fishing comes with a catch – back pain – there are steps you can take to prevent it.

It’s hard to find an activity more relaxing than fishing in the fall – the air is fresh and cool, and the changing leaves are beautiful. However, anglers may find themselves on the line with a doctor for back pain if they aren’t careful. “By following this advice, you can enjoy your fishing while keeping your back healthy,” says Dr. Kevin Foley, Chairman of Semmes Murphey Clinic.

Check out these tips:

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Wear supportive, safe shoes.

Depending on where you’re fishing, non-slip soles may be essential to prevent injuries. And good arch support is critical if you’re going to be on your feet for a while. Long hikes to the water’s edge while lugging your gear can take a toll as well. You may not realize the connection between your footwear and your back pain, but they can be related! Don’t go cheap with your shoes – a little investment in a quality pair can make a big difference.

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Consider wearing a back belt.

This is a wide belt that supports your lower back with either carbon fiber or metal stays, along with strong elastic straps to keep your posture straight. Try on several at a sporting goods store until you find one that’s comfortable to wear. Again, a little investment in a quality product is worth it.

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Watch where you stand.

Standing for long periods on an uneven surface is hard on your spine. Try to find a level spot.

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Take a break

Staying in one position too long is a bad idea, whether you’re fishing or sitting at your desk. Every hour or so, take a short walk and stretch often to help you stay loose and limber.

Persistent Back Pain?

If you find that fishing (or other activity) leaves you too stiff and sore for comfort, contact the Semmes Murphey Clinic. Our world-class surgeons, Pain Specialists, and Physical Therapists can help identify the cause of your pain, provide excellent treatment, and get you back to baiting hooks!