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Jun 7, 2021

Dr. Montry offers hope for patients living with Alzheimer’s

Meet Semmes Murphey neuropsychologist Dr. Kathleen Montry. Last summer, Dr. Montry joined Dr. Baughman and Dr. Gould and has been an asset to our growing neuropsychology team ever since. At Semmes Murphey, we are committed to well-rounded brain and spine care. So, our brain care team of excellent neurosurgeons and neurologists is completed by our neuropsychologists. They help our brain care team go the extra mile for our patients by helping them understand the relationship between the brain and behavior. One subject Dr. Montry is particularly passionate about is helping those living with Alzheimer's disease and their families. With Alzheimer’s awareness month upon us, we would like to dive into how Dr. Montry offers hope in the face of this challenging diagnosis.

Receiving the news that you or a loved one has any form of dementia can be devastating. Some things may change, but people with dementia can continue to live rich, meaningful lives. This diagnosis doesn’t mean that life as we know it is over. Dr. Montry strives to help patients and their families learn how to preserve their cognitive health and overall well-being at any stage in life.

“Helping patients and their families understand the brain is key to helping them learn to recognize, accommodate, and cope with changes in thinking, mood, and behavior,” she says. “Once patients better understand their symptoms and learn skills to accommodate cognitive changes, they can feel empowered in managing their cognitive and emotional well-being.”

To plan a visit with our neuropsychology team, request an appointment here. You can also find more information, virtual support groups, and in-person support communities through the Alzheimer’s Association at alz.org