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Dec 21, 2020

Dr. Adam Arthur Investigates New Treatment for Subdural Hematoma

New developments in the field of neurosurgery by Dr. Adam S. Arthur

Dr. Adam Arthur, a neurosurgeon at Semmes Murphey Clinic, is Co-Primary Investigator for a clinical trial on a promising treatment for chronic subdural hematomas. A subdural hematoma is a collection of blood between the layers of tissue that surround the brain. The bleeding and pressure on the brain can make it a life-threatening disease. The condition is common, especially among the elderly.

The clinical trial is known as S.T.E.M. (Squid Trial for the Embolization of the Middle meningeal artery). Squid is a new liquid agent used to stem the tide of excess blood through a major artery to the affected area. It requires a minimally invasive procedure that can yield better outcomes for patients.

“Current treatments are not well-studied and often require invasive surgeries and prolonged stays in the intensive care unit,” says Dr. Arthur. The study could lead to significant developments in our understanding of how to best treat this major reversible cause of dementia and disability in older patients.

Dr. Arthur is actively engaged in several areas of research to improve the treatment of patients with cerebrovascular diseases.