3d printing


Apr 21, 2023

Advancing Spine Care with 3D Printed Implants: The Inspire Porous PEEK HAFUSE Cervical Interbody System

As a leading institution in the field of spine care, Semmes Murphey is always on the lookout for the latest breakthroughs in technology and innovation that can improve patient outcomes. So, when we heard about Curiteva's Inspire Porous PEEK HAFUSE Cervical Interbody System, we were eager to learn more.

3D printing technology has significantly impacted various industries, from construction to fine art. However, in the field of healthcare, the potential applications of this technology are truly transformative. Curiteva's announcement of a limited commercial release of the world's first 3D printed, fully interconnected porous PEEK structure for cervical interbody fusion is a game-changer. Read about the details here: