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Struggling with Memory Loss? Let us Help.

A prompt and accurate diagnosis is important in treating, limiting, and/or slowing the progression of age-related cognitive decline. The Semmes Murphey Memory Clinic utilizes an integrated multidisciplinary approach for the evaluation and management of dementia and age-related cognitive decline.

These approaches have been shown to improve diagnostic accuracy of dementia etiology and are associated with greater patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing dementia and other cognitive disorders. Please fill out the form below to request an appointment with us.

What to expect

During their appointments in the Semmes Murphey Memory Clinic, our patients can expect the following:

Comprehensive evaluation by both neurology and neuropsychology

Immediate diagnostic impressions when possible

Recommendations for further work-up, including possible referral for neuroimaging, lab work, biopsy, additional neurocognitive testing, etc.

Treatment recommendations and medication management of dementia-related symptoms

Discussion of strategies for managing dementia-related changes in cognition and behavior as well as healthy aging behaviors

What to bring

Glasses, hearing aids, etc.

Updated medication list

Recent neuroimaging and/or lab work

A caregiver and/or trusted individual who knows you well

Our Team

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Katie Montry, Ph.D.

Dr. Montry is a clinical neuropsychologist at Semmes Murphey Clinic. She is passionate about empowering her patients to optimize their cognitive health and overall well-being at any stage in life. She has both clinical and research interests in memory loss, dementia care, caregiver health, and healthcare outcomes for individuals living with dementia.

Whitney Gatewood, PA

Whitney Gatewood is a neurology physician assistant (PA) who joined Semmes Murphey Clinic in 2016. She enjoys working closely with Dr. Montry to improve the health and well-being of patients suffering from memory loss and providing support and education to their caregivers.