Apr 2, 2019

Interventional Pain Management at Semmes Murphey

Interventional pain management is the medical practice of alleviating as much pain as possible for patients. Our interventional pain team consists of Dr. Samuel C. Polk III and Dr. Jay McDonald. They work together to develop the best possible treatment approach to make their patients better, rather than just covering up their issues through medication.

They believe it's about seeing each patient as a whole person. First, the doctors will determine where the pain is coming from and then intervene by creating treatment plans that can include an exercise program through physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and more.

Semmes Murphey has world-renowned physicians with years of experience who work together as a team to determine a patient's problem. Through the in-house care at Semmes Murphey, patients can get all the treatment they need in a world-class facility.

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