Dr. Kenan Arnautovic to Speak in Bosnia at BHAAAS Neurosurgery & Spine Symposium

8th BHAAAS Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery Symposium

Joint meeting with Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society (SeENS) and Association of Neurosurgeons in B&H (UNUBIH)

May 28th-29th, 2016

Hotel Sunce, Neum, BiH

THEME: Two-days symposium with an emphasis on contemporary information in neurosurgery and spine surgery

TIME FOR LECTURES: 10 and 15 minutes lectures with discussion at the end of each session

PARTICIPANTS: The symposium is intended for neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, residents in neurosurgery and associated specialties, neurology, neurologists, radiologists and neuroradiologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, physiatrist, medical students, students of the faculty of health studies and nurses/technicians with career interest in neurosurgery


FEE: 50 KM

Directors: Ibrahim Omerhodzic (Sarajevo, BiH/BHAAAS), Chairman and

Kenan Arnautovic (Memphis, TN, USA/BHAAAS), Vice-Chairman

Scientific Board: Eldin Karaikovic, Lukas Rasulic, Kresimir Rotim, Rasim Skomorac, Bruno Splavski



8,00 – 8,20      Ibrahim Omerhodzic, Rasim Skomorac Kresimir Rotim, Kenan Arnautovic

8,20 – 8,35      Bruno Splavski: Neurosurgery – the most ancient and most modern medical professio



Chairpersons: Sajko T, Vulekovic P, Sorenson J

8,35 – 8,50      Jeffrey Sorenson (Memphis, TN, USA): Rhoton 3D anatomy – anterior fossa and sellar region.

8,50 – 9,05      Feridun Acar (Ankara, Turkey): Supracerebellar transtentorial approach to the medial temporal region.

9,05 – 9,20      Petar Vulekovic (Novi Sad, Serbia): Awake brain tumor surgery at Clinical Centre of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

9,20 – 9,30      Tomislav Sajko (Zagreb, Croatia): Awake surgery for tumors in eloquent brain region.

9,30–09,40      Zivko Gnjidic, Ante Subasic (Zagreb, Croatia): Microsurgery of nonfunctional expansive processes in sellar region - pro and contra.

9,40 – 9,50      Mirsad Hodzic, Selma Jakupovic, Dzelil Korkut, Mirza Moranjkic, Zlatko Ercegovic, Harun Brkic, Mirsad Zornic, Goran Mehmedovic (Tuzla, BiH): Treatment of pediatric brain tumors - single institution experience.

9,50 – 10,00    Hakija Beculić1, Harun Brkic2, Mirsad Hodzic2, Rasim Skomorac1, Aldin Jusic1, Fahrudin Alic1, Alma Mekic-Abazovic1 (1Zenica, BiH; 2Tuzla, BiH): Pediatric neuroepithelial tumors.

10,00 – 10,05  Discussion

10,05 – 10,15  Coffee Break



Chairpersons: Arnautovic K, Acar F, Skomorac R

10,15 – 10,30  Kenan Arnautovic (Memphis, TN, USA): Anterior cranial fossa meningiomas - olfactory groove, tuberculum sellae and anterior clinoid.

10,30 – 10,40  Rosanda Ilic (Belgrad, Serbia): Surgical dilemma - when to reoperate reccurent glioblastoma?

10,40 – 10,50  Marko Kovacevic1, Kenan Arnautovic2 (1Zagreb, Croatia; 2Memphis, TN, USA): Combined microsurgical, endoscopic and neuro-navigation assisted trans-sphenoidal resection of pituitary tumors - our experience

10,50 – 11,00  Ibrahim Omerhodzic, Salko Zahirovic, Almir Dzurlic, Adi Ahmetspahic, Dino Lisica, Anes Masovic (Sarajevo, BiH): Bilateral falcine meningiomas.

11,00 – 11,10  Adi Ahmetspahic, Ibrahim Omerhodzic, Eldin Burazerovic, Avdulah Hasanagic, Alija Celjo, Mersad Barucija, Almir Dzurlic, Salko Zahirovic, Dino Lisica, Anes Masovic (Sarajevo, BiH): Management of skull base meningeomas in Clinical Center University of Sarajevo



Chairpersons: Rotim K, Hoit D, Burazerovic E

11,10 – 11,25  Kresimir Rotim (Zagreb, Croatia): Microsurgery/endovascular/combined treatment of intracranial vascular lesions.

11,25 – 11, 40 Daniel Hoit (Memphis, TN, USA): Endovascular options in neurosurgery

11,40 – 11,50  Eldin Burazerovic (Sarajevo, BiH): Choice of approach in multiple intracranial aneurysm surgery.

11,50 – 12,00  Adisa Kursumovic (Deggendorf, Germany): Mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke.

12,00 – 12,10  Harun Brkic (Tuzla, BiH): Carotid body tumor - case report and literature review.

12,10 – 12,20  Discussion

12,20 – 13,30  Lunch (Trilateral meeting: BHAAAS/SEENS/UNUBIH)



Chairpersons: Karaikovic E, Kursumovic A, Biscevic M

13,30 – 13,40  Dario Muzevic1, Bruno Splavski1, Kenan Arnautovic2 (1Osijek, Croatia; 2Memphis, TN, USA): Anterior cervical discectomy with partial endplate resection and instrumented allograft fusion: the impact on cervical lordosis restoration and clinical outcomes.

13,40 – 13,50  Mirza Biscevic (Sarajevo, BiH): Revisions of instrumented spine surgeries.

13,50 – 14,00  Zlatko Kolic (Rijeka, Croatia): Overview of complications of minimally invasive spine surgery with an emphasis on infection.

14,00 – 14,10  Goran Lakicevic (Mostar, BiH): The assesment of cervical spine functional capacity after the anterior cervical discectomy and interbody fusion.

14,10 – 14,20  Ermin Hadzic (Mostar, BiH): Influence of the preoperative sciatica duration and pain chronicity on the effects of lumbar discectomy - the preliminary results.



Chairpersons: Hodzic M, Brkic H, Omerhodzic I

14,20 – 14,30  Zulejha Merhemic (Sarajevo, BiH): Intradural extramedullary spinal tumors.

14,30 – 14,40  Fahrudin Alic, Rasim Skomorac, Aldin Jusic, Hakija Beculic (Zenica, BiH):  Surgical treatment and outcome of spinal cord tumors: 10 years experience in the Department of neurosurgery Cantonal hospital Zenica.

14,40 – 14,50  Almir Dzurlic, Ibrahim Omerhodzic, Eldin Burazerovic, Avdulah Hasanagic, Adi Ahmetspahic, Salko Zahirovic, Dino Lisica, Anes Masovic, Mersad Barucija, Edin Hajdarpasic (Sarajevo, BiH): The surgical treatment for spinal intradural  tumors.

14,50–15,00    Aida Sehic Kantardzic (Louisville, KY, USA): Neuromonitoring modality selection during spinal cord procedures.

15,00 – 15,15  Coffee Break



Chairpersons: Rasulic L, Olldasi F, Biscevic M

15,15 – 15,30  Eldin Karaikovic (Chicago, IL, USA): Short segment fixation of thoracolumbar fractures.

15,30 – 15,45  Lukas Rasulic (Belgrade, Serbia): Surgical treatment of peripheral nerve lesions.

15,45 – 16,00  Fatos Olldashi (Tirana, Albania): Spinal trauma.

16,00 – 16,10  Ante Subasic (Zagreb, Croatia): Intervertebral disk herniation as a consequence of sport activities.

16,10 – 16,20  Alem Kaplan, Haris Varupa (Sarajevo, BiH): The necessity of establishing helicopter neurosurgical emergency service in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Chairpersons: Splavski B, Merhemic Z

16,20 – 16,50

P1.  Aldin Jusic, Mirza Pojskic, Rasim Skomorac, Hakija Beculic, Fahrudin Alic: Trauma induced eosinophilic granuloma in a child with tuberous sclerosis.

P2.  Bruno Splavski: Clinical association of Lhermitte-Duclos disease and Cowden's syndrome - a case report.

P3.  Ivana Bulic, Goran Lakicevic, Marko Bosnjak, Bruno Splavski, Andrej Kogler: Repetitive cystic Echinococcosis of the brain and liver – a case report.

P4.  Midhat Cizmic, Harun Dozic: Morphometry of the lumbal canal in Bosnian-Herzegovinian population by computerized tomography.

P5.  Bilal Imsirovic: Magnetic resonance imaging of neurosarcoidosis.


16,50   Adjourn


17,00  Association of Neurosurgeons in B&H Annual Assembly

19,00  Dinner (Place TBA)


Sunday, May 29th, 2016

Hands-on course, Part 1 and Part 2

(Sponsored by Medtronic)

08,00 - 09,00   Arnautovic K, Omerhodzic I: Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)

09,00 - 10,00   Karaikovic E, Biscevic M, and Sorenson J: Posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF)